Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence


An Owners Reflection

When Bob and I bought our company, 25 years ago, we experienced a seamless transition because I had been already been working in the business & running the residential side of it for the previous 6 years.  One day Patrick Contardo owned it … the next day, Bob and I owned it.  It wasn’t until we had completed our first year that the reality of all that running a small business entails really set in!  At that point, Bob left his career to join me in our business, taking over the ‘day to day’ operations as well as becoming a dedicated ‘project manager’ for our projects.  This allowed me to focus on what I do best … working with clients to design wonderful spaces.  Through these 25 years we have raised a family & are now grandparents. We feel we have provided a valuable service to Duluth & the Northland. We look for opportunities to give back to this wonderful community that has supported us, allowing us to be successful.


Looking back over these past 25 years of business ownership … a lot has changed!! Our industry has become very complex! The explosion of product offerings has resulted in a certain amount of ‘product choice overload’ for our clients and we’ve needed to become ‘experts’ at so much, to assure successful projects.

Technology has advanced beyond anything we could have imagined 25 years ago (The WWW, cell phones, CAD drafting & FB?  Who knew??)  Some things are easier because of technology … but some things are not so great.  We miss the personal attention & training we once routinely experienced from our industry & the many ‘sales reps’ who, over time, have been phased out as manufacturer’s look to make cuts in the name of ‘efficiency’.  We frequently must rely on websites for product training  … it’s just not the same as human interaction & relationships!  Sometimes the ‘web’ just adds confusion …  so much information to weed through!


But one thing has remained constant – my passion for what I do.  How blessed are Bob & I to have a business we love, supported by amazing staff, tradespeople, suppliers and of course … the best clients anyone could wish for!  25 years is a wonderful milestone, as we continue to look forward to the future … Thank you for your continued support!

~ Rebecca