De-bunking Some Renovation Myths


De-bunking Some Renovation Myths


After a few ‘sleepy’ years of deferring home improvement projects, you might find yourself among the folks who are ready to initiate a long delayed project.  Whatever you are considering – be it a kitchen renovation, family room addition or landscaping … don’t allow yourself to experience anything less than a wonderful outcome.  Following are four myths that many homeowner’s fall prey to. By avoiding them, I am certain you will have a better project.


Myth #1: “I want what they have!”

It may seem important to keep pace with popular trends or what your neighbors and friends are doing … but most home improvements are completed for a long term result, so don’t be too swayed by a current trend or what the ‘Jones’s” are up to. Before you start a project, take time to identify exactly what you hope to accomplish and what will most likely improve the quality of life for your family in your home. Create a concise and realistic ‘to-do’ list and put it in writing.  This will help keep you ‘on task’ resulting in an outcome that best meets your needs.  


Myth #2: “No matter what you plan to spend, expect cost overruns …!”

It is unfortunate that for a lot of homeowners, this myth becomes reality … mostly because the budgeting step in their project was by-passed.  It takes time and earnest research to put together a solid working budget for a project, but it can be done and the effort is worthwhile.  Detail every item required to complete your project, including the cost of professional services.  Creating a realistic budget will facilitate the decision making process and allow you to determine exactly what you can or cannot accomplish relative to what you want to spend. It is best to make adjustments up front through careful design and product selection, avoiding costly surprises later on.


Myth #3: “12-pounds can fit into a 10-pound space”

Not true.  When planning your space, use dimensions that accurately reflect your space as well as the products you are using.  Nothing is more frustrating than completing a project only to discover that it does not function the way you hoped it would or that it is awkward to use.  If you are furnishing a space, create paper ‘templates’ that you can easily move around on your plan to determine how things will fit … so much easier than later lugging around a heavy piece of furniture, attempting to find its perfect ‘home’.

Myth# 4: “Professional service costs too much”

Perhaps you can complete a simple improvement on your own … however, if you are considering a major project such as a kitchen or bath renovation or an addition to your home… seek professional services. Professionals, in their respective fields, have the training, experience and know-how to produce a well-designed project, avoiding costly design errors. In the long run, these services will save you money, as well as aggravation and precious time. Planning Process


Completing a project should be fun!  Taking the time to ‘do it right’ will assure a great outcome!



Rebecca Gullion Lindquist, CMKBDI am a columnist for Duluth Superior Magazine, a monthly publication dedicated to the finer attributes of life in our Northland.  My column appears in the Style section and is titled ‘Living by Design’.  The following column was published July 2013.

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